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How I Can Help You

Corporate America has on-staff attorneys called “in-house counsel” who are ready at a moment’s notice to take care of their legal issues and, much like preventative medicine, these attorneys work pro-actively to insure that their clients are protected from all sorts of legal pitfalls. But having an attorney “on payroll” can be expensive, literally costing these large companies hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, per year.

The need for quality and individualized legal representation for yourself, your family or your small business is no different, and in fact, it might even be more important. Imagine if you had an attorney in the “family” that was always available for your individualized needs. No longer would you spend precious time searching for an attorney. No longer would you have to pay a consultation fee just to find out that the lawyer cannot help you. No longer would you wish you had an attorney to “bounce” an idea off of without having to pay huge hourly rates. No longer is it going to be impossible for individuals, families, and small business owners to establish meaningful relationships with their lawyer.

Gilbert Law PC is changing the thought process on how small business owners and entrepreneurs obtain their legal services. While you may still choose to hire our firm on an “a la carte” basis, we have created various annual legal plans that should fit your needs. We have everything from simple plans for the simple small business to our “Legal VIP” plan to serve businesses that are a little more complex.

Small Business Fee Structure
Form Your Business:

Virginia LLC Entity Formation – $1400.00

Includes all documents required to set up LLC with the Virginia SCC, up to one-hour consult with attorney, obtain IRS EIN, standard operating agreement for solo owned company, minutes, corporate book, and filing BOI Report, and first year RA fee

Virginia S-Corp Entity Formation – $1500.00

Includes all documents required to set up LLC with the Virginia SCC, up to one-hour consult with attorney, obtain IRS EIN, file S-Election, standard Bylaws, minutes, corporate book, and filing BOI Report, and first year RA fee

Maintain Your Business:

Registered Agent – $150.00 per year

This is the most basic service provided by our office. Virginia law requires each company to appoint a registered agent to accept service of process or other official notices on behalf of the business entity at an actual physical address during normal business hours. We will deliver copies of documents to you by email when received by our office and will send you a reminder when your annual renewal fees and/or annual report are due to the SCC.

Company Maintenance – $350.00 per year

This service includes us acting as your Registered Agent, but also includes assistance with the SCC renewal and with updating information on your BOI report to the federal government, if necessary. This service also includes maintenance of your corporate minutebook and company documents (such as your annual minutes). If you are on this plan, for purposes of privacy, you may also use our address as your principal office address with the State Corporation Commission. You may also use our address for purposes of mail forwarding. (You will have a link to view copies of regular mail and we will send you an email when new documents are uploaded. Note – Additional fees will apply to packages).

Company Maintenance Plus – $650.00 per year

This service includes everything in the Company Maintenance program, but also includes up to one hour of phone calls with an attorney to answer questions that may arise from time to time during the year about your small business.

BOI Reporting – For Companies NOT Enrolled in Company Maintenance

$250 per company

*** Note – $25.00 is added to each of the above fees if your company has more than two (2) individuals that must be reported on the BOI Report to cover the added time with reporting and uploading required documents for multiple owners.***

Manage Your Business:

Entity Dissolution – $250.00

Transfer of Membership Interest for LLC – $350.00- $500.00 (attorney time not included and billed hourly)

Stock Transfer in a Corporation – TBD

Real Estate Transfers – Transfer to and from LLC or Revocable Living Trust – $350 to $500

Legal VIP | Legal Concierge Services
  • Annual VIP Legal Wellness Check-Up
  • Free unlimited “5 minute” phone calls
  • Initial review of most legal documents (i.e. – contract review when you are buying or selling real estate)
  • Assistance with locating other legal resources not in our practice area or locality
  • Includes one (1) entity set-up per year with the Virginia State Corporation Commission. For each additional entity, we will handle the basic set-up for 25% off the standard fee.
  • Company Maintenance – Enroll up to three (3) Virginia business entities in our Company Maintenance Plan. For each additional entity, you will be given a discount of 25% off the standard fee.
  • 10% discount on all other legal matters which are outside the scope of the VIP membership plan.
  • Excluded from services in this program are representation on litigated matters, appearances in court, and communications with third parties.

Price – $5,000 per year

Start Your Preparation Today

If you are ready to schedule your initial consultation with me, Jim Gilbert, at my law office in Moneta, call 888-356-7459 or email me here.

Now is always the best time to reach out to an attorney if you are currently facing legal problems or think you will be soon, so act today. I serve clients throughout the Smith Mountain Lake area, including Hardy and Union Hall.